An "Oscar" spray trigger capper

OSCAR is a linear machine for capping bottles with a trigger spray pump.
The production speed is up to 2400 b.p.h. The trigger pumps after being feeded by a mechanical unscrambler (not included) by means of an air conveyor, reach the straighten system of the straw.

This part of the machine is made by a chain carousel to which the compressing jaw systems is applied for the picking of the straw before straighten operation. It is a completely mechanical cam group that provides with an easy system made in very few steps the operation for change format and without adjustments needed.

While the triggers are arriving to the picking system, containers are arriving to the infeed system of the machine and the carousel that rotates above the bottles, is introducing the straws entering in the container up to container necks holding. The machine is linear and insertion occurs during the movement of the bottles without stopping the bottle flow.
The linear capper works by a motorized a belt that acts on the rotating crown of the pump, electronically controlling the closing torque.