Cosmetics: demand increases in African countries

In Africa the cosmetic and personal care market is growing and according to experts it will reach USD 6.20 billion during 2018-2022. African consumers have long been asking for products adapted to the specific needs of their hair, skin and body.   As report Africa Business Pages review, for example «African skin requires darker shades than make-up lines traditionally offer. Make-up also needs to be more resistant to heat.

Different needs also exist in terms of skin care, as anti-ageing products for African consumers primary aims at tackling dark spots and uneven complexion, whereas anti-ageing products for Western women aims tackling wrinkles first».

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The cosmetic companies have interconnected this new demand and modulated their production based on these requests.

TIRELLI is by their side in this challenge, supplying specific machines for the packaging of the cosmetic industry. For example, monoblock MAXIMA is particularly suitable for filling and capping bottles containing shampoos, conditioners, body and hair oils, lotions, liquid soaps and make-up removers.