Tirelli produces a complete range of cappers suitable for all types of production.



The torque application adjustment and capping speed are guaranteed by a servomotor which controls both parameters.

TIRELLI has two models with different raising/lowering systems:

MININEBEL featuring pneumatic height adjustment
RO featuring mechanical height adjustment

Optional automated cap feed, orientation and application is available. All the format changeovers are fast and do not require the use for any tools.



TIRELLI thermo-sealers are ideal for sealing plastic or glass containers with an aluminium or polypropylene foils.

They can handle up 80 or 100 mm wide foils and seal from 1 to 3 containers simultaneously. The sealing time is controlled electronically.

While the sealing head seals the container, the excess foil is trimmed from around the edges of the opening.


TIRELLI rotary capping machines are suitable for high production speeds. The bottles are directed by a star wheel to the capping station where the capping heads close the bottles. The caps are usually fed in by a mechanical sorter.

Two technologies are used to adjust the torque:

Magnetic: via two magnetic discs;
Brushless: with a servomotor which controls the speed and torque applied.

The format changeovers are fast and do not require the use of tools.


OSCAR is a linear machine designed specifically for fitting bottles with triggers or spray pumps at medium speed. 

The trigger/spray pumps are fed in by a mechanical unscrambler and then, transported to a pump tube straightening station. This part of the machine consists of a carousel with grippers. 

No adjustment is required when changing format. While the triggers/spray pumps are on the carousel, the bottles are fed into the machine via an infeed screw. The carousel inserts the pump tube into the bottles as they pass by. 

The application torque is controlled electronically.

The OSCAR machine is patent registered.