Tirelli has a complete range of fillers with different filling systems; available in customized configurations to meet the different production needs of customers.



The GUJA linear filling machine has an infeed screw that positions the bottles under the nozzles.

Static filling is carried out for up to 6 nozzles. For higher speeds, filling is carried out in a continuous moving cycle. The nozzles are mounted on a sliding support that follows the infeed screw during filling.

The format changeover involves replacing the screw, without the need for any tools. The nozzles do not have to be adjusted, making the operation quick and easy.

All of the filling technologies provided by TIRELLI can be installed on these filling machines.


The CHICO line filling machine is designed for low production volumes which require maximum flexibility.

The bottle blocking system can, in fact, be adjusted, thus eliminating the cost of format changeovers. The distance between the nozzles must be adjusted every time the bottle size changes.

All of the filling technologies provided by TIRELLI can be installed on this model of filling machine.


TIRELLI has developed innovative filling trolleys to cut down on production costs. This solution means that customers do not have to halt the packaging line to clean the filling machine between one production cycle and another.

It can take time to clean a filling machine, but all the TIRELLI filling machines can be fitted with separate filling units mounted on a trolley. All the machine parts that come into contact with the product are on these trolleys. When it is time to change the product, the trolley is detached and replaced with an identical unit so that production can restart immediately. In the meantime, the first trolley is taken to a dedicated cleaning station where it is washed separately.

The optional trolleys are compatible with any type of filling system.


We can offer a variety of filling technologies with our machines.


The flow meter filling system is suitable for products with low and medium viscosity such as: 
Chemical products (for cleaning, disinfectants, etc.)
Cosmetic products (body lotion, shampoo, liquid soap, etc.)

This technology offers numerous advantages: high accuracy, easy cleaning, no maintenance required and volumetric dosing of the filled product quantity. This system is especially suitable for liquid products containing granules, as well as food products.

The liquid passes through an electromagnetic or mass counter which measures the quantity of liquid in transit. The first solution is suitable for conductive products while the second can also be used with non-conductive (oil based) products.      

Volumetric filling with flow meters guarantees excellent dosing accuracy and the volume can be easily set through an integrated control panel touch screen. 

The flow meter has an integrated control system to detect any malfunction and guarantee dosage repetition even with rapid filling times.


This filling system is recommended for the following liquid products: 

Pharmaceutical products 
Chemical products 
Small volumes which require maximum precision 
Viscous products without granules (up to 10,000 cps)

This technology eliminates the risk of product contamination by micro-particles. The product passes through surgical tubes (which can be sterilised) and only comes into contact with the nozzle. If the operator has to change the filling product, all he has to do is sterilise the tubes through which the liquid passes or replace them. The second solution is the most practical and the quickest; the cost of the replacement parts is very low. 

The peristaltic pump filling system is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, not only because of the extreme accuracy of the dosing, but also of the capability of dosing very small volumes.


The volumetric piston filling system is ideal for viscous products such as lotions (up to 2,000 cps). The piston is made entirely of 316L stainless steel. 

The filling volume can be adjusted manually using graduated dials or automatically via a servomotor. The second option allows better control over the dosing and greater repetition. 

The dosing pistons can be fitted with heating elements to maintain the product at a pre-set temperature.


This technology is ideal for filling glass bottles with liquids; this allows an adjustable and constant filling level thanks to a slight negative pressure in the tank, so the product is extracted to the desired level. 

This type of filling is used, in particular, for perfumes in the cosmetics industry.